2019-2020 Social Work Graduate

Rebecca Janette Carlson

Master's in Social Work

What is your favorite thing about BYU?

The spiritual environment and the people! Like going to the temple, there have been many days when walking onto the dedicated campus grounds have given me a needed spiritual lift. Going to BYU has brought me closer to the Savior and given me clarity towards my vocation. I’ve also so appreciated the opportunity to go to school alongside some of the most amazing individuals I’ve ever met! My peers and professors who have journeyed alongside me have literally changed my life.

Who would you like to say thanks to?

My husband David, for all the sleepless nights, paper editing, cooking, cleaning, and baby watching I am eternally grateful! I couldn’t have gotten through this program without the love and support of you and Evie!! I also want to thank my parents, in-laws, and sisters who took turns watching Evie and taking care of us when we were stretched to our limits. Finally, for the encouragement of peers and professors who laughed, cried, and fought their way through this program with me! Thank you all!!

What are your plans for after BYU?

First and foremost, to spend MUCH more time with my little girl and husband! I also want to run more, laugh more, play more, sleep more, go outside more, cook more, play MUSIC again... basically live more outside of school!! I also plan to work part-time as a mental health counselor at LDS Family Services, further my clinical training—possibly specializing in trauma, and continue working to publish a paper with Professor Cory Dennis.

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