2020-2021 School of Family Life Graduate

Anika Carin Alley

Bachelor's in Family Life: Human Development Emphasis

What is your favorite thing about BYU?

My favorite thing is how our classes could make connections between empirical research and gospel principles. I also love the excitement and passion that many of the professors have for their individual fields, whether that is religion, family sciences, or music. I love the overall environment and the outreach of various student organizations to help all students feel supported and included. I also appreciate that I've had my opinions challenged and been given ways to change those opinions.

What was the best learning experience you had?

I had several classes that challenged my opinions and biases, and each of those classes challenged me to think critically and see various subjects or issues from multiple viewpoints, gather as much information as I could about those viewpoints, and be willing to change my opinions based on what I found. This was a humbling process, as it helped me to better understand others' perspectives, as well as practice learning as much as I can about any given subject.

What/Who are you grateful for as you reflect on your college experience?

I am grateful to my mom, siblings, and husband for supporting me. I am grateful for my SFL teachers who took the time to work with me individually to help me succeed in those classes, and for inspiring me with the passion they had for their fields. I am grateful to my music teachers for giving me the opportunity to improve my talents. I'm also grateful for my work supervisor, Jenny, who was a mentor to me in both professional and personal ways. I am grateful for all the ways that I have grown.


Being in Women's Chorus was an incredible blessing that I was able to take part in throughout my college career. I made countless friends, grown in many talents in addition to singing, and learned from outstanding directors. My study abroad to Paris in Fall 2018 was also an amazing experience as I grew to love another language and country and gained a deeper appreciation of the arts. Working on campus also provided me with wonderful learning and leadership opportunities.

What's next for you?

I am currently working full time as a youth mentor, but I hope to soon get an internship that will enable me to complete my Child Life Specialist certification. I am very excited to work with kids and foster a therapeutic environment for those going through a difficult time. I am not entirely sure what the future brings, as I am also starting my own family, but I am excited to see it unfold. I know I will have many opportunities to apply what I have learned here at BYU.

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