2020-2021 History Graduate

Carson Clyde Biddulph

Bachelor's in History

What is your favorite thing about BYU?

The trees on campus, especially during spring.

What was the best learning experience you had?

I had a lot of fun with my capstone project. I did it on the Falkland Islands/Las Islas Malvinas.

What/Who are you grateful for as you reflect on your college experience?

I'm grateful for all of my professors. I love the history department and will always be grateful that I decided to become a history major.

What's next for you?

I am excited to teach high school history for the next couple of years. After working for a few years, I want to go back to school. TBD what graduate program I will apply for.

Academic Honors that I am graduating with:

Phi Alpha Theta History Honors Society

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