2020-2021 History Graduate

Jack James Bailey

Bachelor's in History

What is your favorite thing about BYU?

My favorite thing about BYU is all the amazing people I have met. I was able to build so many unique friendships over my four years at BYU. The most important of which was meeting my wonderful eternal companion, Halle. I love BYU's campus, even the brutal staircases. I have enjoyed every second of my time at BYU.

What was the best learning experience you had?

The semester I spent at BYU's Washington, D.C. Seminar was incredible. The few shorts months I was in D.C. changed my life.

What/Who are you grateful for as you reflect on your college experience?

I am so grateful for my wonderful parents, Lisa and Pat Bailey. I could not have done it without them! They are the most supportive, loving, kind, and Christlike people in the world. I would also like to thank my beautiful soon-to-be wife, Halle. Halle is the biggest blessing to come from attending BYU, she is the love of my life! I am so thankful for all the amazing people in my life.


I had the incredible opportunity to do an internship with a Member of the House of Representatives, in Washington, D.C.

What's next for you?

I will be getting sealed to my wonderful fiancee, Halle, next week. I have never been more excited about anything in my life!

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