2020-2021 Anthropology Graduate

Brayton Hisham Bate

Bachelor's in Anthropology: Sociocultural Emphasis

What is your favorite thing about BYU?

The first time I ever came to campus I knew I wanted to be a student here. I felt at home, and I still feel that way. This is certainly my favorite part of BYU. I also love BYU because of the deep, rich spiritual learning that I have experienced here. I have become someone I never thought I could or would become. And it is because of the atmosphere and faculty at BYU. My time here has been extraordinarily meaningful.

What/Who are you grateful for as you reflect on your college experience?

There's no other campus where eternal Truth could be such an integral part of my learning. I am extraordinarily grateful for this. I also feel profound love for professors who have loved and taught me. I have great gratitude for life-long friends I made here as well. BYU has opened doors to many internships, study abroad programs in the Middle East, exceptional language training, and unique opportunities to connect to my Palestinian heritage. How grateful I am for my time here.


> Senior Thesis: Arab-American Immigration (Salt Lake City, UT) > Intensive Arabic Program: Qasid Institute (Amman, Jordan) > Middle Eastern Field Study: 3 week academic circuit of Israel-Palestine > Humanitarian Intern: LDS Charities (Amman, Jordan) > Ballard Scholar: Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship > Curriculum Development Leader: Educate2Envision (Honduras) > Distinguished Delegate: Model Arab League Competition > Research Assistant: BYU History Department > Arabic Instructor: ARAB 102

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