2020-2021 Anthropology Graduate

Bronwyn Reilly Bryan

Bachelor's in Anthropology: Archaeology Emphasis

What is your favorite thing about BYU?

The experiences I had made my time at BYU wonderful. I was able to meet people, make best friends, explore, learn more about myself, learn more about different topics, go to events. I love the community of friends I found who allowed me to be me and experience life with gusto!

What was the best learning experience you had?

My favourite class and in-classroom experience were my two novel writing classes where I got to write an entire book! I also liked my literature, archaeology, dance, art, and family history classes.

What/Who are you grateful for as you reflect on your college experience?

I'm grateful for all the people I was able to meet. I'm grateful for the courses I took and the passion I was able to discover I had for various different topics. I am grateful for my employment at the MOA that helped me learn so much about the field I hope to go into after I graduate.


I loved my study abroad in London, it was one of the best experiences I had while at BYU. I learned so much and got to experience so many amazing things! I also loved my experience of living at the French apartment at the FLSR, I was able to develop my French so much more!

What's next for you?

Next in life, includes internships and jobs for a little bit and then grad school in museum studies!

Academic Honors that I am graduating with:

Being proud of myself :)

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